Community Driven

All our data comes from and is a community driven Heroes of the Storm replay database.

Learning Environment

Our goal is to help promote a deeper understanding of the game and help you play smarter.

Gameplay Statistics

Providing high level and detailed Hero, Map and Team Analysis are of few of the many data sets to come.

User Information

Individual level analysis providing you with a comparison to your opponents and the world. MMR to come soon after!

Comming Soon!
A minimalist interface with charts too

A preview of what it could look like below.

Beautiful Charts

Images speak a thousand words. Thats why we are implementing charts to help visualize what we are looking at.

Battle.Net Integration

Eventually will include integration with Battle.Net to futureproof the site with the upcoming API.

Hots Dashboard Preview

Multiple Languages

Since the HOTS community is global, so should our site. This may take a while, but know its a work in progress. Being able to reach native only speakers can only help to flourish the community.

Fully Responsive

Starting from the ground up to enable a responsive layout supporting all platforms.

Discover hotsAPI.Net

HotsApi is an open Heroes of the Storm replay database where everyone can download replays.

Replay Uploader App

The easiest way to upload your replays is to get our uploader app

We want all developers to have access to a large community replay database. Whether you want to continuously get new replays, download them all once, or just query their metadata, our service helps you to start development faster.

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hotsAPI Uploader Tool


Check out these related services and developers who make it all happen.

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The creator of this site and an avid HOTS gamer.

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Our Costs

I will try to update this as best as I can to help the community understand what it takes.

  • Inner Workings
  • All the services being utilized.
  • $-- Webserver
  • $-- SQL Database
  • $-- File Storage
  • $-- Background Processing
  • Something need doing?
  • Poke poke poke - is that all you do?
  • 6 Hours Sleep
  • 4 Large Cups Coffee
  • 3 Bugs Fixed
  • 10-12 Hours of work
  • 3 Meals a Day
  • Development
  • Learning what I need
  • The Other Stuff
  • Miscellaneous costs and expenses.
  • $25 / Year Domain
  • $-- / Bandwidth

*Many costs are not accounted for here, including my time. I mainly decided to outline my most basics costs here in spite of Blizzard. I really wanted to outline what it takes a lowly pleb like me to do , while we wait for their "Comming Soon"™ API.

About Me

I meganuckhead am a Systems Analyst and Development Manager by trade. This site has been planned and developed solo. Please keep that in mind while browsing and using this service. I have a very busy schedule and develop after hours. I am eager to bring new ideas and analyse different sets of data. I am open to all suggestions, provided they are technically sound. There are no plans to open-source this at the very moment or accept additional help. If the community likes the service provided and the costs are high, I may consider something like patreon to help foot the bill.

I planned to implement a site like this a long time ago, but just haven't managed to get around to it. Now with a community backed Replay Database.( I have been able to cancel the development of my auto uploader and can now begin focusing on the content that really matters. I have no plans to replace any existing communities for Heroes of the Storm. For that reason, I plan to stick mostly analysis and not social features. If there is something you think would benefit from combining with this service, it may be possible to provide api's or something of that nature.

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